File Integrity Monitoring
NNT Change Tracker Enterprise™ delivers market-leading File Integrity Monitoring for any security and compliance initiative.

Approved by hundreds of independent Auditors, QSAs and security specialists operating in all countries across the globe, NNT Change Tracker Enterprise™ protects hundreds of banks, government departments and agencies, financial services providers, retailers, gaming resorts and restaurant chains, as well as airlines, museums and not-for-profit organizations.

NNT Change Tracker Enterprise™ audits your IT estate for compliance with best practices in security configuration, provides malware protection and protects systems from any unauthorized changes.

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NNT covers all popular platforms such as:
Windows, all versions
Linux, all versions, including Ubuntu, SUSE, CentOS, RedHat
Unix, all versions including Solaris, HPUX, AIX
VMWare, all versions including ESXi
Database Systems, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Network Devices and Appliances, all types and manufacturers, including routers, switches and firewalls, from Cisco, Nortel, Juniper and Checkpoint

NNT Change Tracker Enterprise: Managing the Enterprise Attack Surface

Information security is now a mainstream requirement for all organizations, of all sizes and industries. The range and variety of threats to your confidential data is not only vast, but growing and evolving all the time. Firewalls and anti-virus protection are only part of the solution to protecting your information assets – zero day threats, mutating malware, APTs or advanced persistent threats, coupled with phishing and insider threats mean that your network and servers are exposed.

File integrity monitoring strengthens security in 3 key areas
System Hardening – the science of rendering servers, database systems, firewalls, EPOS systems and all other IT devices fundamentally secure is still the most effective - but often the most neglected - security best practice. Todays’ contemporary networked systems rely on inter-operation, ease of use and open access – all in direct opposition to system security.
A Hardened System is one that has a ‘locked down’ configuration, removing all unnecessary function, access and other potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a hacker.
NNT Change Tracker Enterprise™ FIM ensures that all configuration settings are set and maintained for maximum security, be they general configuration files, running process lists, registry settings, service states and settings, installed software, or user account, password, audit or security policy.

Malware Protection – Zero Day Threats, by definition, are invisible to Anti-Virus systems. Trojans that masquerade as legitimate system files can be hidden in plain-sight. Application Backdoors, once embedded, will remain operational forever.

Change Management – the only constant in IT is the perpetual state of change. Patching, upgrades, new users, new sites, new applications all require changes to the network, servers and workstations. Any change may re-introduce vulnerabilities that contravene your organization’s Hardened Build Standard, so continuous File Integrity Monitoring provided by NNT Change Tracker Enterprise™ is essential for maintaining security.


Change Tracker Reviewed by SC Magazine on Jun 2 2014: "We found Change Tracker Enterprise to be an easy-to-deploy tool that can help manage change auditing and inventory throughout the entire enterprise. This product packs quite a bit of features and functionality for a low cost." Rating: 5

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