Nagios XI

Scalable, flexible, and designed to make problematic IT monitoring tasks simple.


Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party addons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house applications, services, and systems.


The powerful Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine provides users with the highest degree of monitoring server performance. High-efficiency worker processes allow for nearly limitless scalability and monitoring effectiveness.


Provides a central view of your entire IT operations network and business processes. Powerful dashboards provide at-a-glance access to powerful monitoring information and third-party data. Views provide users with quick access to the information they find most useful.

Proactive Planning & Awareness

Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch them by surprise. Alerts are sent to IT staff, business stakeholders, and end users via email or mobile text messages, providing them with outage details so they can start resolving issues immediately.


A powerful GUI provides for customization of layout, design, and preferences on a per-user basis, giving your customers and team members the flexibility they want.

Ease of Use

Integrated web-based configuration interface lets admins hand out control of managing monitoring configuration, system settings, and more to end users and team members easily. Configuration wizards guide users through the process of monitoring new devices, services, and applications – all without having to understand complex monitoring concepts.

Multi-Tenant Capabilities

Multi-user access to web interface allows stakeholders to view relevant infrastructure status. User-specific views ensures clients only see the infrastructure components they’re authorized for. Advanced user management simplifies administration by allowing you to mange user accounts easily. Provision new user accounts with a few clicks and users automatically receive an email with their login credentials.

Extendable Architecture

Multiple APIs provide for simple integration with in-house and third-party applications. Thousands of community-developed addons extend monitoring and native alerting functionality. Custom interface and addon development is available to tailor Nagios XI to meet your organization’s exact needs. Request a Quickstart For Nagios XI

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Powerful Monitoring Engine

Nagios XI uses the Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine to provide users with efficient, scalable monitoring of nearly any network infrastructure. It allows users to utilize server resources efficiently, maximize their monitoring performance, and maintain a healthy network environment.

Updated Web Interface

A powerful home screen dashboard provides users with a high-level overview of hosts, services, and network devices. The newly improved theme provides a quick and easy-to-navigate interface for increased performance and ease of use.

Advanced Graphs & Visualizations

Nagios XI allows users to quickly view the status of their monitoring infrastructure with comprehensive performance graphs and visualizations. Administrators can easily view network incidents and resolve them before they become major catastrophes.

Performance & Capacity Planning Graphs

Automated, integrated trending and capacity planning graphs allow organizations to plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems catch them by surprise. Performance graphs are automatically created when devices are configured in Nagios XI.

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Configuration Wizards

Configure network devices quickly and easily with UI-based Configuration Wizards. Simply enter the required information, and you’re up and monitoring. Tailor Nagios XI to meet users specific needs and monitor entire infrastructures with a few simple clicks.

Advanced Infrastructure Management Capabilities

Improved Bulk-Host Import, Auto-Discovery, Automatic Decommissioning, and Mass Acknowledgment tools allow users to manage large infrastructures quickly and efficiently. Alerts, notifications, and devices can be handled in batches to ensure you receive relevant, up-to-date monitoring information.

Configuration Snapshot Archive

Provides users with an archive of past configuration snapshots to revert to if problems occur in the current configuration. The Configuration Snapshot feature saves the most recent configurations in addition to any snapshots that are archived.

Advanced User Management

Easily setup and manage user accounts with only a few clicks. Assign custom roles to ensure a secure environment for system administrators. User-specific notification preferences allow users to customize alert settings and notification messages to meet their needs.


Provides users the ability to measure effectiveness of specific hosts, services, and business processes to determine if service-level agreements are being met. Schedule reports to be sent on a recurring basis for quick and accurate network performance statistics.


Standard Edition

100 Node: $1,995
200 Node: $3,495
Unlimited Node: $19,995
  • Configuration GUI
  • New Wizards & Components
  • Bandwidth Report
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Heartbeat Monitoring
  • Custom Action URLs
  • Remote Machine Monitoring
  • Notification Escalations

Enterprise Edition

100 Node: $3,495
200 Node: $4,995
Unlimited Node: $21,495

Everything in Standard Edition Plus:

  • Automated Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Reports
  • Capacity Planning Reports
  • Web-Based Server Console Access
  • Bulk-Modification Tools
  • Audit Logging
  • GENIUS Auto-Discovery
  • Automated Decommissioning
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