DRBD brings you high availability and disaster recovery

LINBIT®’s DRBD software can cluster any application that runs on Linux with the reliability of a SAN. As a testament to the software’s stability, it has been integrated into the main-line Linux kernel since 2010 with the Linux Kernel 2.6.33 release. Since the software performs at the block-level in the stack, its replication performance is unparalleled.

Over 15 years ago, LINBIT successfully created DRBD software in order to replace expensive SAN and NAS hardware with resilient, commodity servers. Now, LINBIT is focusing on tackling cloud and virtualization environments with their suite of Software-Defined Storage technologies. Saturn ME is an authorised Linbit Solutions Partner in the Middle East.

The DRBD software will work with any application or database and can be used to replicate multiple applications at a time. With LINBIT’s Enterprise Support Services, rest assured that LINBIT’s DRBD software is a reliable platform for your mission-critical storage.

Common use cases
• MySQL, Oracle DB, PostgreSQL replication
• VM Replication with KVM, Xen, VMWare (via iSCSI)
• Tier 4 availability requirements
• NFS, CIFS, Samba replication
• iSCSI, FC: Spindle or SSD
• Nagios XI High Availability
• HPC File Service: Lustre

• Distributed Storage
• High Availability
• Geo-Clustering
• Synchronous or Asynchronous replication
• OpenStack Cinder and Nova integration
• Tier 4 availability: 99.999%
• Native RDMA InfiniBand support
• Streamlined configuration and management