Ubuntu linux

Ubuntu is a platform that spans from the PC and IoT devices to the server and the cloud. It includes a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade tools for development, configuration, management and service orchestration.

In the cloud: driving enterprise agility

Ubuntu is at the forefront of large cloud infrastructure deployments, we have experience in building clouds for our customers and our involvement in the OpenStack project as a founding member. Ubuntu is also optimized and certified for the most popular public clouds , so wherever you choose to run your applications and services, you can always use Ubuntu.

On the client: devops for IoT

Ubuntu is the preferred development environment for embedded engineers. It is widely used in IoT devices across verticals: automotive, industrial, robotics, networking and digital sign age.

On PCs: supported desktop

The Ubuntu desktop is not only the environment of choice for millions of developers but also enterprises, government, educational institutions and anyone looking for a reliable, ease to use, versatile and secure operating system.