The Smart Security model is designed to monitor security parameters such as perimeter access control, liquid presence detection and doors and windows openings. Each model has six dedicated sockets to connect sensor probes. Besides, a relay system allows this model to interact with external electrical machines. 

Presence and light sensors are installed around the home, monitoring activity in determined areas and if the lights are being used regularly. Temperature and humidity sensors are also employed, as well as door and window monitors.Some locations like the bathroom and the kitchen need specific monitoring. Water flow and water leakage sensors can be installed here to prevent water overflow or any other sink misuse.



Some of the Smart Security sensor applications are :

Perimeter Access Control

Access control to restricted areas and detection of people in non-authorized areas.

Liquid Presence

Liquid detection in data centers, warehouses and sensitive building grounds to prevent break downs and corrosion.

Radiation Levels

Distributed measurement of radiation levels in nuclear power stations surroundings to generate leakage alerts.

Explosive and Hazardous Gases

Detection of gas levels and leakages in industrial environments, surroundings of chemical factories and inside mines.

List of Sensors available

  • Relay to control external DC units. (<30VDC, 1A)
  • IR human presence
  • Hall effect (doors and windows openings)
  • Water presence
  • Liquid level
  • Liquid flow
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Luminosity (Luxes Accuracy) for Smart Lighting
  • Ultrasound (distance measurement)

Libelium provides many different sensor probes depending on what is going to be measured. For Smart Security model following sensor probes can be used.

Liquid Flow Sensor Probes

Water Flow Small, YF-S402

  • Flow rate: 0.3 ~ 6 L/Min
  • Working voltage: +5 V ~ +24 V
  • Working temperature: 0 ºC ~ 80 ºC
  • Pipe connection: 1/8”
  • Max rated current: 15 mA (DC 5 V)

Water Flow Medium, FS300A

  • Flow rate: 1 ~ 60 L/Min
  • Working voltage: +5 V ~ +24 V
  • Working temperature: 0 ºC ~ 80 ºC
  • Pipe connection: 3/4’’
  • Max rated current: 15 mA (DC 5 V)

The liquid flow sensors output a signal that consists of a series of digital pulses whose frequency is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid through the sensor. That digital signal, whose frequency is in the range between 0Hz and 100Hz, is directly read through one of the digital input/output pins of the micro-controller.

Liquid Level Sensor Probes

PTFA3415 Sensor

  • Measurement Level: Horizontal
  • Liquids: Water
  • Material (box): Propylene
  • Material (float): Propylene
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ºC ~ +80 ºC
  • Minimum consumption: 0 μA*

PTFA0100 Sensor

  • Measurement Level: Horizontal
  • Liquids: Heavy oils and combustibles
  • Material (box): Polyamide
  • Material (float): Polyamide
  • Operating temperature: -10 ºC ~ +80 ºC
  • Minimum consumption: 0 μA*

PTFA1103 Sensor

  • Measurement Level: Vertical
  • Liquids: Water
  • Material (box): Propylene
  • Material (float): Propylene
  • Operating temperature: -10 ºC ~ +80 ºC
  • Minimum consumption: 0 μA*

There are three liquid level sensors whose operation is based on the status of a switch which can be opened and closed (depending on its placing in the container) as the level of liquid moves the float at its end. The main differences between the three sensors, regarding its use in Waspmote, are to be found in their process for placing them in the container (horizontal in the case of the PTFA3415 and PTFA0100 sensors, vertical for the PTFA1103 sensor) and in the material they are made of (the PTFA1103 and PTFA3415 sensors recommended for edible liquids and certain acids and the PTFA0100 for heavy oils and combustibles, more specific information can be found in the sensors’ manual).

Hall Effect Sensor Probe

  • Length: 64 mm
  • Width: 19 mm
  • Height: 13 mm
  • Maximum contact resistance (closed): 200 mΩ
  • Minimum contact resistance (open): 100 GΩ
  • Minimum consumption: 0 μA*

This is a magnetic sensor based on the Hall effect. The sensor’s switch remains closed in the presence of a magnetic field, opening up in its absence. Together with its complementary magnet it can be used in applications of monitoring proximity or opening mechanisms.

Water Leakage / Liquid Detection Sensor Probe (Line)

  • Length: 5 meters sensor + 2 meters jumper wire
  • Material: PE + alloy lend
  • Weight: 18 g/meter
  • Pull force limit: 60 kg
  • Cable diameter: 5.5 mm
  • Core resistance: 3 ohm/100 meters
  • Maximum exposed temperature: 75 ºC
  • Detectable liquids: Water
  • Minimum consumption: 0 μA*

This sensor detects conductive liquids anywhere along its length. After it is installed, once the cable senses the leakage of liquids, it will trigger an alarm. The sensor cable can detect the leakage of water.

More information about Plug & Sense – Smart Security by Libelium is available here.