Saturn ME provides a wide range of infrastructure support services for Linux and Open Source Software. We specialise in hosting infrastructure and corporate Linux environments offering a complete line of support services for each category. We focus on deployment, integration, development and administrative training. With managed Linux support, your business can get on with doing what it does best, without worrying about the performance or security of the network. Call us today! Find out how managed Linux support can make your staff more productive, and your business data more secure than you ever thought possible. There is a reason the top corportations in the world trust Linux and other popular open source solutions as the core of their production infrastructure.

Linux distributions There are several Linux distributions available from various vendors and some are more popular than others. We at Saturn ME supports all major distributions. We have expertise in Redhat, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Centos and Fedora.

Unix Implementation and support services for FreeBSD, OpenBSD and other flavors of Linux.

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Zimbra Zimbra Collaboration is an open, secure collaboration tool for email, calendaring, tasks and more. Zimbra offers all the features of a standard Exchange deployment with better performance and many additional features not offered by exchange, such as centralised instant messaging, multi-client support, integrated anti-virus (while running on a server operating system which is immune to viruses).

MySQL More and more applications rely on MySQL is a backend database. We have years of experience designing, implementing and supporting multi-master MySQL servers as well as designing large MySQL clusters. If you are looking to have a MySQL environment designed from the ground up or if you are simply looking for support for your current MySQL deployment contact us today.

Openfiler or Centralized NAS Consulting A Linux based NAS (network attached storage) is the most cost effective feature rich NAS available on the market today. A Linux based NAS can offer your company centralised storage, active directory integration for centralised user authentication, CIFS (windows file sharing), NFS, FTP, RSYNC, and many other options for file sharing. Not only does a Linux based NAS offer enterprise level features such as snapshots it can also be deployed on non name brand hardware such as SuperMicro which can offers terabytes of storage for the fraction of the cost of a Windows file server or NetApp.

Linux-HA and Load Balancing Is a Cisco ASA or BigIP Load Balancer too expensive for your company to afford? Do you really need load balancers which can cost over $100,000 while a Linux based solution can do everything your infrastructure needs for a 10th of the cost? We have extensive experiencing designing high performance linux based load balancers which are being used by many large corporations providing load balanced solutions for their web infrastrctures.