IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Libelium is powering the IoT Revolution joining efforts with an important network of partners to ensure the maximum interoperability with our IoT sensor hardware platform worldwide certified.

Water management and quality, smart parking, mobile scanning or air quality monitoring.
Crops and farm intelligent management.

Libelium Cloud Bridge is a service for connecting sensor nodes with many cloud services available for data analysis and graphical representation. Data goes through the Libelium Cloud Bridge service to the final cloud service.The Libelium Cloud Bridge service has a buffer of limited size that is cleared as far as data is sent to the final cloud service.


  • Smart Parking

  • Smart Vineyard

  • Smart Berry

  • Smart Orchard

  • Smart Irrigation

  • Smart Factory

  • Smart Agriculture

  • Smart Weather

  • Smart Solar PV

  • Smart Fire Prevention

  • Smart Cities

  • eHealth

  • Air Quality Index

  • Smart Noise Pollution

  • Smart Phone Detection Scanner

  • Smart Water Quality

  • Smart Fish Farming

  • Smart Flood Prevention

  • Smart Deep Water

  • Smart Buildings

  • Smart Safety

  • Smart Security