Smart Parking


The Smart Parking sensor  is designed to be buried in parking spaces and to detect the arrival and departure of vehicles. The Smart Parking platform will allow system integrators to offer comprehensive parking management solutions to city councils. By providing accurate information on available parking spaces, motorists save time and fuel and cities reduce atmospheric pollution and congestion.The quality of city life across the world is negatively impacted by atmospheric pollution and congested roads. Road congestion results in lost time for motorists, wasted fuel and is a major cause of air pollution. A significant contribution to congestion arises from motorists searching for available parking spaces – often requiring a considerable time before they are successful – and is a major cause of driver frustration. Providing accurate information to drivers on where to find available parking spaces helps traffic flow better and allows the deployment of applications to book parking spaces directly from the car.



Systems based on Smart Parking sensor platform enable drivers to find free parking spaces quickly and efficiently. Efficient parking not only means happier motorists, but also reduces CO2 emissions, saves fuel and helps minimise traffic jams. Smart Parking sensors can be buried in parking spaces and communicate with the rest of the sensor network using Waspmote’s ZigBee radio. 

Smart Parking solution can reduce 

Dual Detection System

Libelium Smart Parking benefits from 2 different detection systems: Radar and Magnetic.

Greater precision, improved detection and stability performance: 99% accuracy.



Libelium Battery powered sensors enable 10+ years of uninterrupted operation!

Robust waterproof IP68 enclosure

The device is protected inside a small and extremely tough enclosure. It is IP68 rated, which means it remains waterproof even submerged in water. Each node is provided with professional screws and anchors, resistant to tampering and vandalism.

Easily reset by passing the magnet over the node. Wide range of temperature: -20ºC to 65ºC.

Battery Life :

Libelium Smart Parking was created to last. Apart from the robust enclosure, the electronic design focus on being low-power and the battery has a huge capacity of    10,400 mA·h. Besides, the Night Mode saves energy during hours of low rotation. 

All this can lead to 10+ years of uninterrupted operation.*

Certified :

The device is fully certified according to CE and FCC. This is a real product ready for the main markets.

Wireless communication protocol: LoRaWAN

Sensors provisioning in the LoRaWAN network server at any time include default time settings and unique LoRaWAN identifiers and keys.

Configuration via Smart Devices App (Java desktop application).

Remote Setup from the Cloud

After the sensors have been installed, the user remains in control through the Remote Setup system. The user can reconfigure all the parameters easily from the Cloud.-.

Over-the-air set up  via  “remote configuration form”

-To easily update settings of each sensor such as sleep time, keep-alive time, night-mode etc

-Remotely update via LoRaWAN downlink radio packets. 

Zero minute provisioning process

The user just needs to setup some basic parameters because it comes already programmed from factory.

Sensors come pre-configured and secured with individual keys. The user doesn’t need to open the sensors: 0 configuration required. Final configuration of the sensors can be done on the Remote Configuration Form in bulk.

For advanced radio settings, the user can always use the Smart Devices App: full configuration in a minute.

Triple Installation Deployment

The enclosure is versatile because it allows 3 types of installation:



 Smart Parking Benefits Quick Report



More information about Smart Parking sensor by Libelium is available here.